S.J.Bollig GmbH


S.J.Bollig GmbH is based on the Middle Mosel we are PRODUCERS and Wholesale suppliers of Top-Quality Mosel Riesling Wines – our Product Portfolio and Product quality are Internationally known and well regarded.

This Portfolio segment represents Wines sold in Wholesale Quantities
ab: 210 Cases (12 x 750ml bottles)

Our service includes:

° Advice & Assistance with Product choices.
° Professional Logistics service with an International & renowned Distribution Network.

° EMCS Service.

Labels include,
JLM Wines – Opulance 16
S.J.Bollig ( Selection )

Contact: Tel: 0049 6507 5077

Stefan Bollig Email: bollig-lehnert@t-online.de

For details and enquiries concerning Import & Shipping please contact
Tel: 0049 6507 5077